Ontario manufactured solar & wind energy systems for home, farm and business.

Ontario Power Authorities FIT and microFIT Incentive

Established under the Landmark Green EnergyAct the Ontario government introduced Canada's first Feed In Tariff Program paying up to $.802 per Kilowatt of solar energy produced. This means that any home, business, institution or farm can install a solar electric system and sell every bit of power generated to their utility for profit.

Enphase Micro Inverters

Converts DC power from each module/panel into grid-compliant power(240V/AC) eliminating the need for a large string line inverter and complex DC wiring. This is more productive and more reliable dramatically improving the performance of solar power systems. Another great feature is the ability to monitor and manage your system from any Internet browser 24hrs/day.

Basic Solar Electricity & Its Importance

Solar energy is also referred to as Photovoltiac (PV) energy. Photo=light and Voltiac=electricity. Solar panels known as modules convert the suns light to Direct Current (DC) electricity typically used to charge batteries. Inverters convert DC electricity from batteries or the modules themselves into Alternating Current (AC) used in virtually all homes.

Endurance Solar & Wind

Start making money with Solar today!

Endurance Solar and wind is a Cambridge, ON based company dedicated to providing high quality Ontario manufactured solar and wind energy equipment. From the solar panels, racking, micro inverters and solar sun Trackers everything is made in Ontario. This ensures we not only meet but exceed the 60% domestic content requirements for FIT/microFIT starting on Jan 1st 2011. We also offer our customers:

About Us

Our vision is to provide high quality Ontario manufactured renewable energy products and services that are affordable for everyone to benefit from. Our products will make or save you money,promote green energy jobs in Ontario, help ease the strain on environmental resources, reduce your carbon footprint and provide a cost effective alternative to costly fossil fuels and nuclear energy. We are a small company dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service through consultation, equipment supply, installation, maintenance and strive to offer the highest return on investment.